Sunday, November 10, 2013

1. The state of software development in some trenches

The industry of software development has a history of its own ideas like structured analysis, design and programming, or object-oriented, or functional programming, agile methods, software architecture, and so on. In order to learn about some of those ideas, over many years, I have been involved with communities that form around those ideas, learning from authors and practitioners, and from my own application of those ideas to improve the quality of my own software design and programming practice. Along the way, I have tried to discuss with others about all that good stuff of software development as a cooperative game.

As years come and go, I have found teams and individuals that expose themselves to be influenced by ideas in the industry around, and the degree of such influence varies widely. There are still lots of programmers and managers who simply do not care enough to not just repeat the buzzwords but to behave like if they properly understood the concepts. Comes to mind what have happened with other intellectual pursuits in history. For example, very few people around me, even with several academic computing degrees, are able to articulate, in simple terms, the most general justified true beliefs from quantum theory, much less its relationship with the current computing industry. Whereas those justified true beliefs were published almost a century ago!

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